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Frequently Asked Questions

At Torridge pet cremation an individual cremation means that your pet will be handled and cremated on its own handled with dignity and care thorugh out the process. We do not cremate several pets at the same time and we do not communally cremate pets and then separate ashes out afterwards. If you do not choose our service I would recommend that you find out what does happen at the crematorium you intend to use.

Monday-Friday 9:00am- 6:00pm 

Saturday 10am to 5pm 

Out of Hours Monday - Saturday is £25


Sunday and Bank Holidays Closed  

Emergency service only this will Incur a £50 Charge on Sundays & Bank Holidays


Please contact us for details. 

We are able to collect from your home, by appointment after euthanasia or from your veterinary surgery, upon request

Yes, either by prior appointment or a telephone call before leaving your veterinary practice. Please see contact page for address and directions. 

We aim to cremate all pets within 2 days of receiving your consent to go ahead with the cremation

You may wish to come back to  Torridge pet Crematorium to collect your pet’s ashes. Alternatively we can return ashes directly to your home or your vet, which we are most willing to do, although an additional charge is made for this service

Yes. We can carry out an immediate cremation upon request. An additional charge is made for this service

Yes. Many people contact us well in advance of the death of their pet to make sure that their exact wishes can be carried out. We always suggest owners contact their vets directly to ensure that their pet comes to Torridge Pet Cremation and is not sent for mass cremation.

How and when should I pay for the cremation?

You can pay for our services via most major credit or debit cards and bank transfers. We have the right to request payment upfront.

What happens to my pets Bedding, Basket or Carrier?

You can choose to have Blankets, Toys or Collars either cremated, disposed of or returned to you. Carriers or Baskets can be returned to you on collection of ashes or disposed of.

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