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Torridge Pet Cremation LTD

These Prices are based on a Scatter tube or Pouch and are now Subject To VAT being Added.

However we do have a good selection of Urns and Caskets for a additional Fee

Rodents and Reptiles under 1kg  - £96

Guinea Pigs, Small Rodents, Small Birds and Small Reptiles usually fit into this category.


Dogs, Cats and Small Pets under 5kg - £137

Cats, rabbits, and some toy dog breeds will be in this category.


Small Dogs and Large Cats under 10kg - £163

Medium Pets from 10kg and under 20kg - £195

Dogs from 20kg under 30kg - £210


Large Dogs from 30kg under 40kg - £240

Large Dogs under 50kg - £270


Giant Breed Dogs 50kg and over - £300



Out of Hours £25 - £50:
£25 applies After 5pm Mon-Saturdays

£50 applies Bank Holidays and Sundays,

Same day ashes collection £25:

This service is available by prior arrangement.

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